Support For Nervous Lead Climbers

Conscious Climbing

Welcome To The Conscious Climber,

a comprehensive climbing school for open-minded climbers.

A Comprehensive climbing school

  • Climbing Family

    Join an uplifting community of genuinly nice people who climb.

  • Climbing Support

    1-1 mentorship available by Professional Rock Guide and ex-longtime "dirtbag".

  • Mental Training Tools

    Use the Mind Tool and E-Books available to reprogram your mind to reach your potential


I don't feel comfortable with my body. Help?

Remember that your body image can literally be radically transformed when you begin to change your thoughts and feelings about yourself from negativity to positivity and love.

Your body is the outermost body of the most beautiful soul you are! Your body is the vehicle for the human experience.

What is a Limitation?

A Limitation is a crystalized (built-up) thought in your Mind. And it's always untrue!

The thoughts you have continually create your experience according to the vibration of the thought.

To change our experience, we need to change the thoughts.

To do that, observe your own mental storehouse and clean up shop! 

Replace negativity with positivty and life affirming truths. Empower yourself!

 Conscious Climbing uses our climbing experiences as a mirror for self discovery.

How do I deal with strong emotions during my climbing sessions?

Rock climbing is an intense sport. 

And because of that we have an amplified experience:

our thoughts, feelings, and actions, are seemingly quite deep and real.

When a Fear Factor is involved, the Fight or Flight Response becomes our experience. 

When it's real bad - we call it being #GRIPPED!

To deal with the big strong emotions that will come with climbing, apply loving patience to yourself.

You are on the path to lifting these fears. Hold it true!

As my Teacher continually says to me and my friends - "It's a Process, young Padawan."

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