Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Rock Climbers

Catherine Freya Pitura

Catherine is an ACMG Rock Guide Apprentice, Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Founder of The Conscious Climber and creator of Mind Tools.

She supports the worldwide climbing community to think positively and relax to succeed on and off the rock.

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Conscious Climbing

Conscious Climbing emphasizes positive psychology to benefit climbing performance. 

Mind Tools are a climbing accessory designed to empower climbers to dissolve fear and self-doubt through the positive use of the mind.

Benefits of Using Mind Tools

Keep gear clean

Prevents UV damage

Personalizes gear

On-route encouragement

Reduces fear and stress

Improves climbing performance

Adds depth to your climbing practice

Benefits mental health

Gets you psyched

Gives you Energy


Mind Tools

Thought-Power For Climbers!


Which Quickdraws Do They Fit?

They fit perfectly on, but are not limited to, standard sized Black Diamond Freewire / Positron models and Petzl Djinns.

The Conscious Climber

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