Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Climbers

What Are Mind Tools?

Mind Tools are a new climbing accessory designed to help lead climbers overcome debilitating fear.

They're slip-covers for quickdraws with power-words on either side.

Mind Tools support and encourage climbers on-route by providing Positive, Empowering, Thoughts to the climber. This helps keep the climber thinking positively which helps create a better climbing performance.

When we feel supported and we're thinking positively, our nervous system relaxes and we can perform our best!


Mind Tools are handmade in Squamish and come in 10 different words and colors.

Try them and you'll see what Conscious Climbing is all about!

Created in 2015 by ACMG Rock Guide Apprentice & Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Catherine Freya Pitura.

Mind Tools

Thought-Power for climbers!


Benefits of Mind Tools

-Helps send projects quicker

-Keep your gear clean

-Support nervous climbers

-Eliminates redpoint pressure

-Personalizes your gear

-Adds fun and color to the wall

-Improves your climbing performance

-Identify your gear easier

-Reduces anxiety and depression

-Provides on-route encouragement!

-Boost morale and psyche on emo days

-Supports climbers mentally and emotionally

-Creates a fun, welcoming atmosphere

-Cultivates good vibes

-Protects gear from UV exposure

-Makes you feel good!

-A remedy for depression 

-Helps negate self-doubt so you WIN!

-Is the best gift in the world for rock climbers!

Which Quickdraws Do They Fit?

They fit perfectly on, but are not limited to, regular Black Diamond quickdraws and Petzl Djinns.

How To Assemble Mind Tools

1. Remove the top carabiner (the one without the rubber)

2. Slide Mind Tool down shaft of dogbone.

(Use your thumb and forefinger at base for better grip).

3. Re-add top carabiner!

The Conscious Climber

Conscious Climbing and Mind Tools;

Catherine Pitura, 2015.

All Rights Reserved.