Conscious Climbing Clinic - Summer '19

The plan is to create the first Conscious Climbing Clinic this summer in Squamish, B.C.

The goal of the clinic is to create an experience of well-being and support for the people who climb. We want people to leave the experience feeling a sense of Love, Inspiration, Restoration and Connection to Life. 

When we feel connected and supported our nervous systems relax and we're able to climb better. 

We will have different experiential therapy modalities on hand for climbers to try so that they may be introduced to the world of natural healing.

Along with sport and trad/crack climbing instruction, some of the experiences we'd like to create for climbers are: 

Sound Vibration Healing (Sound Bath)

Conscious Connected Breathwork (Pranayama - Life-Force renewal)

Psychodrama - an action method, often used as a psychotherapy, in which clients use spontaneous dramatization, role playing, and dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into their lives.

Art Therapy - to gain insight into our subconscious mind

Spirit and Matter integration through Yoga & Meditation 

Free Dance

Music Therapy

Good times and growth.



Let me know if you're interested and would like to book a spot.


Peace, Love, Climbing er'body


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