GEAR OF THE YEAR: Mind Tools featured in Climbing Magazine

"I suffer from redpoint anxiety as much - or maybe more - than the next climber. Focused breathing helps - a little - as do meditation and centering exercises. But what if your quickdraws also helped with some gentle reminders to regroup on the rock? Catherine (Freya) Pitura, a yoga teacher and apprentice rock guide in Canada, has come up with these brilliant, colorful quickdraw covers with messages like Courage, Send It, Breathe, Relax, Focus and Climb. They slip over the top of your draw, and then live there as multicolored reminders to find your center. Friends and I got a kick - and boost - while using them on short, scrappy local sport climbs, including an old R-rated "warm up" on which I was happy to clip my Courage draw".
Matt Samet, Editor, Climbing Magazine


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