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When the average person is told to think about biting into a lemon and sucking on the juices, their mouth begins to pucker and salivate. 

This is an example of how our inner worlds - our mind and emotions - influence our physical body.

So in climbing, it's clutch for a climber to have mental and emotional control so that they can physically perform in the most desirable way.

Sounds simple, but it's not that easy!

Why? Because we are dealing with our Karma - essentially a STOREHOUSE of previous experiences and impressions that stay within our being until we consciously clear them.

All your experiences, the memories and impressions you have from the time you were born until now (and beyond!) are stored within your being - the good, the bad and otherwise.

These impressions live within you and influence your daily experiences. Like a record that keeps on playing the same track.

When we have negative or traumatizing memories within our self, we will live and have experiences according to that VIBE, Or "Karmaic Impression".

Imagine for a second your aura. 

Imagine you have a bright golden light body radiating around you. A glow.

And then imagine or feel that this light body has some dented, crushed in parts.

Those damaged bits in your aura are the dense, negative, or traumatic experiences you've had - and it's our job to smooth them out; restoring our aura to a symmetrical, smooth, shining radiation field of love. That's healing.

These "deformities" are the dense vibrations of previous experiences you've had - and they stay as they are until you heal them. Light and love heal trauma. 

This is true evolution.

Our work, as climbers and human beings, is to clean up our auric field - our total vibrational frequency - by healing trauma and returning to the state of Love. 

Love is the Universal Vibration - and when we can align to this note - Harmony is created.

Understand that "trauma" has happened to everyone on some level and we all carry different levels of guilt and shame. 

And also know that it is absolutely possible to heal these traumas and shine with full Light and Love. Life for you can be a miraculous, beautiful, positive experience. 

What does this have to do with rock climbing?

When you make your objective in life Love, everything and everyone benefits.

In harmony our actions become more potent, powerful and influential. 

Restore your dented armor and climb as a true Rock Warrior, a Conscious Climber.

Remember, that we evolve TOGETHER - you are not alone in your journey. 

The Conscious Climber is a safe and understanding space to connect.

Peace, Love, Climbing.








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