VIDEO: Self Discovery Through Rock Climbing

I had a unique climbing experience - I was able to rock climb full-time for 8 years without having to worry about money, essentially.

I was available to dive deep into the sport - and myself - and learn a lot along the way, with the help of a few phenomenal mentors.

I don't think I'm a spectacular climber... always very cautious and often doubting my capabilities, but I love it nonetheless.

In this way, climbing showed me aspects of myself that I want to heal and improve.

Rock Climbing can serve as a healing modality - by showing us our shadow side.

So the intention of Conscious Climbing is to use the information we find about ourselves through the experience of climbing, and put it on the table and really look at it!

It's not easy to look at what haunts us - but darkness cannot remain where Light shines! That is the Truth.

So, gather your courage, and let's get into it. 

The Conscious Climber motto? Be brave in Life and see the results on the rock.

...ok, it's not a very catchy motto - but I'm sure it will evolve along with us, over time.


Lots of Love, Light, and Support to you as we Journey onwards.

I'm right here with you.



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