Staying Present While Climbing

One thing I notice that really messes me up while climbing is ANTICIPATION; thinking ahead...

To correct this, I use self awareness to catch myself thinking ahead. When I catch myself anticipating the future, I work on consciously re-directing my mind to the present moment.

In the present moment, things seem to work out just fine! It's only when I think ahead and begin to FILL IN THE GAP with a potentially unsupportive story that I lose energy and become scared.

So what I'm learning is: proceed in your ascension one move at a time, keep your focus on the moment, and trust the process!

This is particularly true in trad climbing . I use to NOT TRUST that I would have the gear I need near the top - that I would run out... now I am LEARNING TO TRUST that the Universe has my back and I will have exactly what I need when I get there... seems to be working.

What do you do to stay present while climbing? Comment below. 


Peace, Love, Climbing


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