Still Afraid, After All These Years?


If you have been practicing climbing for a while now and still cannot get over your fears, I have something radical to propose;

You will not overcome your rock climbing fears by rock climbing alone.


You CAN NOT overcome your fear of climbing unless…

you deal with what scares you…

in the real world.

That is;

your life outside of climbing.

(You have one, right?).


If you have A) been climbing for many years and B) still feel fear during every-day climbing scenarios, then I am going to suggest that you take some time to, right now, to examine the cause of this fear that lives within your body.

It is time to bring light to a dark place. Are you ready?


If you feel fear on the rock, I guarantee it is because there fear is lurking in your everyday existence and you are living according to this fear.

My guess is that you are not looking at something that you are being called to do.

When we avoid the call, we feed the fear.


It is not always easy to identify the source of our fear because like other ‘negative’ emotions, we really rather not look at it. So the fear lives within us, unacknowledged and unchecked.


I don’t want to know what scares me, you say. You would rather ignore it, rationalize it, suppress it, or identify with it…

But the thing is, is there is so much valuable information about yourself in your fear.

Looking at your fears is like reading your own Wikipedia page; nothing but facts!


Know Thyself – that wisdom has been around for ages because it is a Universal Truth, a Law of Nature.


If you think that fear is just a part of your personality - that you are that emotion –I am here to assure you that you are not, and you do not have to feel that you are.

You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your body; I know that is hard to comprehend right now, but you are not. You are much deeper, and more beautiful than that.


So, its time:

I can help you, right now, to identify what needs to be addressed within you so you can move forward and climb more freely on the rock.

It is going to take courage and sincerity on your part to acknowledge your fears, and then it is going to take dedication and persistence to deal with it.

We will start with a broad question that may be very easy to answer or very hard, but the answer is within you.

Im going to ask the question below: After you have read it, if you are up for it, close your eyes for a moment to contemplate the question and put a hand over your heart area to help draw out your answer.

Here is the question:

Which direction in your life, right now, should you be moving toward?


So immediately cancel out what “outside sources” would like you to be doing. We are not interested in what your boss or Mom or spouse wants you to do, unless it is in alignment with what you want. You will know the difference.

What you want to draw out is what you feel like you want to do (as outlandish as it may sound) but are not because it is scary, challenging or you feel like you are not deserving of it.

And remember, we are talking about things outside of climbing. (This will all relate back to climbing eventually, don’t worry…).


So, there it is.

By sincerely asking yourself the question you have acknowledged the fear within you – which is a very important step. Do not underestimate this.

Now it is up to you to decide what you are going to do with the answer you received.


Face it and empower yourself over time, or let the illusion limit you – either choice will affect all realms of your life.


And remember this:

You are a climber.

You are already courageous.

Apply this courage to all aspects, and watch yourself soar.









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