The idea for a mental training tool for rock climbing was born out of my own personal need to overcome the fear I was experiencing on the rock.

I was desperate to feel better on lead, take falls, and reach the potential I felt inside.

Lead climbing always made me nervous, and still does, but I am SO much better at it...

In the decade I've been climbing, I saw that I wasn't the only one experiencing paralyzing fear and strong emotions while climbing. 

I distinctly remember seeing a girl sobbing as she began multi pitching with her boyfriend (?) - and I could relate. Actually I've seen lots of people cry while climbing... I get it - it's a full on experience!

Through luck, fate, or interest, I became obsessed with human behavior, psychology and spirituality which led me to the power of positive thinking and the power of our thoughts over our experiences.

Basically I took what I was learning in the realm of positive psychology and applied it to the biggest problem I was experiencing in life. And since my life was full-time climbing, I applied it to the world of rock climbing.

Mind Tools are this beautiful combination of these things - and I'm so grateful to be able to bring something to life that will help thousands of climbers around the world.

Mind Tools work with positive, empowering, uplifting and high vibration words to influence the mind and positively effect our climbing experience. 

The body is animated by the way we think - and Mind Tools use this science to improve climbing performance. 

They slide right on your very own quickdraws and benefit your climbing experience.

Color is also a great thing for positivity - the colors I chose for Mind Tools are designed to brighten the mood and cragging atmosphere and work with your subconscious mind to feel better, no matter where you are.


Sorry that the quality of the video isn't good, but the message is.


Peace, Love, Climbing






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