My Climbing Mentor

My Climbing Mentor is a supportive service for nervous lead climbers.

It's a comforting experience created for lead climbers with low self esteem. It's for climbers who experience debilitating fear but sense a greater potential internally.

Freya Pitura will be your devoted Climbing Mentor.

With eight years of full-time indoor and outdoor climbing experience, three years of professional rock guiding experience, several years of yoga + fitness teaching + training, meditation training, and being well versed in plant-based nutrition, Freya is fully qualified to be your Climbing Mentor.

During each session you will be Listened to and Guided toward Your Unique Path. Imagine becoming more confident, grounded, and inspired. 

The goal of My Climbing Mentor is to make climbing more fun and less stressful for you.

Freya wants to be on your team. Let her share her knowledge and experience with you. 

Service: Video calls + online support x4 weeks, plus video analysis. 

Cost: $149.00