"Catherine made all the difference in making that an awesome experience.  I really enjoyed the day and we all were able to learn a ton, stay safe, and have fun because of her."
-rock guiding testimonial
"I wanted to say what an excellent guide Catherine was - super patient, experienced, kind and a great person to spend time with. She met everyone at their level and helped us all do more than I think we thought we could!"
-rock guiding testimonial
"I suffer from redpoint anxiety as much - or maybe more - than the next climber. Focused breathing helps - a little - as do meditation and centering exercises. But what if your quickdraws also helped with some gentle reminders to regroup on the rock? Catherine "Freya" Pitura, a yoga teacher and apprentice guide in Canada, has come up with these brilliant colorful quickdraw covers with messages like Courage, Send It, Breathe, Climb, Focus, and Relax. They slip over the top of your draw, and then live there as multicolored reminders to find your center. Friends and I got a kick - and boost - while using them on short,, scrappy local sport climbs, including an old R-rated "warm-up" on which I was happy to clip my Courage draw."
-Matt, editor at Climbing Magazine
"When it comes to lead climbing lately I've been exceedingly fearful and anxious. With that in mind I was super stoked to come across @TheConsciousClimber when visiting the Arc'teryx store. She makes these quickdraw slip covers that help to refocus your mind while you're mid-climb. These Mind Tools are meant to help climbers overcome their fears. I tested out a few while climbing on Sunday and definitely noticed a difference. It'll take a lot of mental work to feel OK on tougher lead climbs so I'm incredibly happy to have these Mind Tools with me!"
-Erin, Los Angeles 

Just wanted to thank you Freya Pitura for this little bit of encouragement (Mind Tools). Love Love your idea 💕❤️ You ROCK!

-Leah, Penticton. B.C.


I just wanted to let you know that you're videos and views on climbing are really inspiring. I think you will definitely start to get noticed more with the more content you put out, as you have a great way at getting your message through with the humor you throw in there. Keep up the great videos!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


 Hi Freya

Hope you are doing well. 

I started rock climbing in November last year and I must say, I am hooked. 

Started with some top roping for a few months, but have been lead climbing for a month now and I really enjoy it, although every now and again I get this intense fear of falling. At this stage I just try and climb through that fear.

I find that I climb at my best when I am in a "zone"; when it feels like time is standing still. However, as soon as I get an adrenaline rush, I know that something is wrong and the immediate result is that I get pumped and hold on for dear life :)

I have watched most of your YouTube videos and I can relate to what you are saying, especially the emphasis you place on the fact that " one must climb from a place of peace". 

Please let me know whenever you are thinking of visiting South Africa. Would be nice to go climbing with you. 

Kind regards. 



I happened to come across your videos and they are just what I needed at this point in my life. It's really inspiring specially because that's something that not a lot of people have the courage of recognizing and almost everybody blames their physical strength when they don't perform as they want. I find fascinating that you have taken a different path.




Hey there!

 I must tell you: I'm so happy I found you! Actually you found me ;-) and I’m really grateful! Honestly grateful from depth of my soul!

 I’m from Slovenia (Europe) and I’m climbing for 4 years now. I love to climb but I’m afraid of lead climbing (go figure ;-) That’s why I always climb in my comfort zone where I feel safe (higher grade routes on top rope and leading lower grade routes). I don’t like to take a risk. But deep in myself I know I can climb higher grade routes. I have never spoken the same language that other climbers did. I couldn’t understand them when they tried to help me (I asked them to help me). But yours explanations are so my style! You are so good! I can understand you, you are talking my language. You touch me form inside. You’re inspiration!

 Thank you,



Hello Freya,

I see you uploaded another video today (3 tips for lead climbing). Thanks, will watch later today. Now I have something to look forward to for today !!!
Have a great day.
I love you!! your channel has moved me so deeply and helped me a lot with my mental/emotional/spiritual approach to climbing. thank you so much for all that you share.