Just wanted to thank you Freya Pitura for this little bit of encouragement (Mind Tools). Love Love your idea 💕❤️ You ROCK!

-Leah, Penticton. B.C.


I just wanted to let you know that you're videos and views on climbing are really inspiring. I think you will definitely start to get noticed more with the more content you put out, as you have a great way at getting your message through with the humor you throw in there. Keep up the great videos!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


 Hi Freya

Hope you are doing well. 

I started rock climbing in November last year and I must say, I am hooked. 

Started with some top roping for a few months, but have been lead climbing for a month now and I really enjoy it, although every now and again I get this intense fear of falling. At this stage I just try and climb through that fear.

I find that I climb at my best when I am in a "zone"; when it feels like time is standing still. However, as soon as I get an adrenaline rush, I know that something is wrong and the immediate result is that I get pumped and hold on for dear life :)

I have watched most of your YouTube videos and I can relate to what you are saying, especially the emphasis you place on the fact that " one must climb from a place of peace". 

Please let me know whenever you are thinking of visiting South Africa. Would be nice to go climbing with you. 

Kind regards. 



I happened to come across your videos and they are just what I needed at this point in my life. It's really inspiring specially because that's something that not a lot of people have the courage of recognizing and almost everybody blames their physical strength when they don't perform as they want. I find fascinating that you have taken a different path.




Hey there!

 I must tell you: I'm so happy I found you! Actually you found me ;-) and I’m really grateful! Honestly grateful from depth of my soul!

 I’m from Slovenia (Europe) and I’m climbing for 4 years now. I love to climb but I’m afraid of lead climbing (go figure ;-) That’s why I always climb in my comfort cone where I feel safe (higher grade routes on top rope and leading lower grade routes). I don’t like to take a risk. But deep in myself I know I can climb higher grade routes. I have never spoken the same language that other climbers did. I couldn’t understand them when they tried to help me (I asked them to help me). But yours explanations are so my style! You are so good! I can understand you, you are talking my language. You touch me form inside. You’re inspiration!

 Thank you,



Hello Freya,

I see you uploaded another video today (3 tips for lead climbing). Thanks, will watch later today. Now I have something to look forward to for today !!!
Have a great day.
I love you!! your channel has moved me so deeply and helped me a lot with my mental/emotional/spiritual approach to climbing. thank you so much for all that you share.