BREATHE / Discipline

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Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Climbers

BREATHE (& discipline)


Suddenly, you realize the worst has happened.

You miscalculated your morning poop.

You are now on the crux pitch of your full day multi-pitch expedition with no other option but to keep going, upwards and onwards.

You silently try to ignore this all too familiar grumbling and cramping sensation.

You look up - you have come a long way but you sure as gosh darn heck have a long way to go.

Your stomach gives one long loud grumble. You are regretting last night’s burrito.

You’ve trained your whole life to get here and you are determined not to let one miscalculated poop get in the way of accomplishing your dreams.

You think to yourself- one more pitch and I can find a bush. Y

ou reach for your purple draw and… all you have to do is…



This slip-cover fits on, but is not limited to, Black Diamond Positron/Freewire and similar models, Petzl Djinns and similar models. Does not fit Petzl Spirits, for example.