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Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Climbers

COURAGE (& brave)

 Courage comes from the latin word cor - that means heart.

Courage is why we climb - it brings us back to our passion for adventure, our love of nature, and the awe we feel of our bodies as they accomplish amazing feats.

Courage is a call to follow your passion no matter what the “haters” might say.

Courage is dedicating your life to doing what you love no matter how “good” you perceive you are.

Courage is sacrificing the climb you really wanted to do in favor of one better suited for your climbing partner.

Courage is pushing onward even though there is a risk.

Courage is knowing when to turn back when you are so-so close because it just isn’t worth the risk.

Courage is that olive green split second resolve to send it.



This slip-cover fits on, but is not limited to, Black Diamond Positron/Freewire and similar models, Petzl Djinns and similar models. Does not fit Petzl Spirits, for example.