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Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Climbers

ENERGY (& calm)

Energy is elusive.

It’s not there after your first alarm. Not after the second, or the third. It’s not there when you walk out the door or turn the keys in the ignition.

But as soon as you’re on that wall, something shifts.

Maybe it’s the three cups of maté kicking in, or maybe it’s the new energy gels you found in the lost and found bin at the gym, but there’s something about climbing that pulls energy out of the deepest depths of exhausted bones.

There’s a mystic quality to it, an access to an edge that is seldom seen in our day-to-day.

It’s like a deep well, sometimes you just have to dig down deep to access it. Nothing like a good dose of adrenaline to wake us up and get us going.

Your electric blue energy draw will help you remember - crush now, nap later.


This slip-cover fits on, but is not limited to, Black Diamond Positron/Freewire and similar models, Petzl Djinns and similar models. Does not fit Petzl Spirits, for example.