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Mind Tools: A Mental Training Tool For Climbers

 POSITIVE (& confident)

Sometimes it can be hard to be positive.

Picture this, you've just spent the last five days on your six day climbing trip huddled in a leaky tent as it pisses rain outside.

You’ve been eating soylent and cat food (because well, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?).

On day six it finally stops raining long enough to get on the rock.

The climb is wet and even your mood is soggy.

But then you look down at your muddy belay partner with that stupid grin on their face, and you look around at the beauty of your surroundings, and you remember why you are really here.

Gratitude fills you as you struggle up that slimy climb like the rock-climbing salamander you are.

At least you got your shower in for the week.

You are lime-green positive. :)



This slip-cover fits on, but is not limited to, Black Diamond Positron/Freewire and similar models, Petzl Djinns and similar models. Does not fit Petzl Spirits, for example.